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Our Research Motto ...... Insight & On-site
* Insight
Research activity is a measure to get meaningful insights and to build viable countermeasures. To complete these purposes it is necessary to have profound knowledge about client’s business and highly experienced research skill. We serve our clients with long experience in marketing and new business creation, especially for financial services.

* On-site
on-site when you cannot find the answer" is an iron rule in marketing. Only customers can bring a handsome profit to a company, so we ask customers directly and without bias as well as retailers and agents who have direct contacts with customers. Our research principle is based on this.
Our Attitudes toward Research ..... INSITE

No matter how splendid the research result is, it is just pie in the sky if the result is not reflected to actual strategies or tactics. We interpret the result into viable programs and identify the potential implementation obstacles in advance.

Marketing research needs various kinds of expertise, so a single entity often cannot afford full service or expense in some specific areas such as financial or insurance services. We organize specialist and tackle the subject in a team as necessity demands.

To get fruitful results, an elaborate pre-study is inevitable, but once the data is obtained and analyzed, we are able to quickly provide effective conclusions, so that we can shorten the lead time to implement the strategies, the real goal of the research project.

Strategic planning sometimes induces ulterior motives, which may falsify the facts. We make a determined stand against these biases and stick to the facts and the data.

Only the facts that are endorsed by numerical value can convince others. We use multi-variate analysis and other useful statistic tools that are academically supported.

"To obtain maximum profit with minimum cost" is the paramount rule in businesses and research is no exception. With elaborate preparation by well-informed sources, specialist & expert networks and in-house data analysis, you can enjoy the superior results at lower cost. Also by using information technologies, such as the internet and intranets, you can lower the research cost. Collaboration with internal resources in marketing research not only increases economical efficiency but serves knowledge accumulation in your organization.

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