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Track record
Use & Cost
Recent Works
Area Project
Market research Policyholder attitudes to auto insurance renewal
Product concept development for broad-band equipment
Needs for disaster benefit
Data analysis Employees Satisfation Survey
Analysis of user's satisfaction of Skill/Career Development Center
Brand recognition of processed cocoa
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Past Market Research Completions
Area Projects
Product development
Concept acceptance
Concept development of term-free type Personal Accident insurance
Acceptance of telephone purchase of Automobile insurance
Development of Internet Security Liability Insurance
Consumer awareness of high medical costs for medical insurance development
Consumer acceptance of Variable Annuity (marketability)
Acceptance of US dollar denominated maturity-refund insurance
Sales promotion
Market development

Survey on effectiveness of sales approach to corporate business using computer-assisted risk diagnosis
Producer interviews to collect sales promotion ideas regarding medical insurance
Acceptance of consumer finance by an insurance company
Risk consciousness of the Internet retailers and marketers
Channel study Agents' evaluation of competing insurers
Agent reaction to commission rate change
Opinions of life sales staff about switching their insurance company
Survey on revitalization of travel agent and recommending sales strategies based on the survey
Background and career research of sales personnel with excellent performance
Customer satisfaction Policyholders' satisfaction at automobile claim service they received
Study on satisfaction factor and structure of medical insurance holders
Analysis of the reasons of cancellation and non-renewal
Advertisement /Image survey

Awareness tracking survey of telephone-order automobile insurance
Image survey of insurance companies
Consumer acceptance of TV characters for ad purposes
Others Agent evaluation of computer support system
Basic fact-finding survey for long-term strategic planning and re-engineering project
Consumer's attitudes toward investment trust products
Policyholder segmentation analysis using data mining
Requirements for corporate training center
Methodologies of Survey/Analysis employed
Qualitative Survey
Focus group interview, In-depth interview, Personal interview
Mail survey, CLT(Central Location Test), Web survey, Fax survey

Quontitative Survey
Cross-tab analysis, Variant analysis, Multi-variate analysis(Factor analysis, Regression analysis, Coorespondet analysis) Decision tree analysis, Text-type data analysis

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