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Market Research
You can find the key purchasing factors through listening directly to your customer's voice and analyzing them carefully. You could also develop hit-selling products or greatly improve customer satisfaction by weaving these findings into your products and services.
We provide you with consistent and seamless survey services from planning to implementation to analysis and presentation for grasping the core facts.
We use one or more combinations of following methodologies to collect data according to research character.
(Employing Methodologies)
*Focus group interviews, Personal interviews, In-depth interviews
*Mall interception, Telephone/Fax interviews, Mail questionnaires, CLT
*Internet research

Data Analysis
You can find the factors, structures and/or core segments that directly lead to your profit by employing the-state-of-the art techniques analysing a huge amount of transaction data and customer database as well as the change of corporate image of those visiting your homepage.
(Analysis Tools)
*Cross-tabulation analysis, Variance analysis
*Multi-variate analysis (including Factor analysis and Regression analysis)
*Data mapping (Correspondence analysis)
*Decision tree analysis
*Text-type data analysis
*Data mining

Information Collection and Analysis
Ww are swiftly collecting pinpointing data and information from various sources such as web sites, commercial databases and network of specialty libraries. We also interview expertises of various areas to obtain inside strories.
Compiling data and information collected, we will provide you with intelligent information about industry trends, company positioning, competitor intelligence and movements with visual materials of graphics and charts.
(Databases available)
*Newspaper/magazine databases like Nikkei Telecom
*Overseas databases like Reuter
*Corporate database like Teikoku Databank and Tokyo Shokou Research
*Governmental data sources such as Statistic Bureau and Diet Library@

Translation and Interpretation
We serve our clients well by translating documents from/into other languages such as German, French and Chinese. Our translators are all natives or broadcast translators in the front lines.. We also deliver our output through an e-mail and even Web page for quick sharing.
Prof-reading by experienced native-speaking lawyers or accounts are availble for business contract documents and financial statements.

(Applicable Languages)
*Translation from English, Frency, German or Chinese to Japanese and vice versa
*Translation between foreign languages
*Conference interpretation and whispering from English to Japanese and vice versa

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